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Our Body Transformation Program

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see an improvement in a particular part or area of your body. For many, that is the key motivator to begin any type of fitness program. The desire to improve the appearance of different components of the body is shared across all fitness levels. Whether you’re a bodybuilder who needs to bulk up for the next big competition or a professional who wants toned arms to feel more confident in your daily life, the desire to improve is entirely natural. However, it’s important to start any transformation program with the right state of mind. The key for any body part transformation is not to be critical of yourself, set realistic goals that will make you not just look good but feel good, and have a plan in place to achieve these goals.

The Personalization Phase of the Mobo-Gym Training Method will help you learn the scientific principle of the mind-muscle connection to get the most significant results out of the part of the body you are working on improving.

What is Mind-Muscle Connection?

Many people think of working out as a time to completely clear their heads and focus on the physical elements of life. But did you know that thinking harder during workouts can increase your muscle mass? It sounds a bit crazy, but it’s actually a scientific phenomenon called “mind-muscle connection” or “attentional focus.” Focusing intently on your target muscles during each exercise while you’re contracting can lead to a more significant gains. Knowing how to engage your muscles properly while consciously feeling each muscle movement requires a fair bit of knowledge and practice. Luckily, our trainers are experts in the field of mind-muscle connection and will stand alongside you as you perform each exercise in front of the mirror to most effectively engage your muscles. That’s what the body transformation program is all about — personalizing a workout plan to meet your goals and fine-tuning them to deliver precisely what your body wants and needs.

At MOBO GYM, we break the 90 Day Training Method into three 30-day Phases



Activation / Volume / Conditioning





The Third 30 Days

Phase 3

After you’ve successfully completed Phase Two of the 90 Day Training Method, our team will conduct a third body scan to evaluate your progress and update your goals before moving on to Phase Three, which we call “The Personalization Phase.”

In this phase, your Mobo-Gym Coach will provide deeper instruction into movements to help you get the maximum benefit from each exercise. By focusing on conscious, deliberate, and emphasized muscle contractions, the focus on tension from these exercises will ultimately increase your mind-muscle connection.

Here at MOBO Gym, we understand that not one person is exactly the same as the other. Every individual has their own unique goals, body structure, and limits, which is why we designed the body transformation program. To help deliver results, we fully utilize our body scan process and one-on-one consultations to create a bespoke solution for your body’s unique composition. As a result, we will tailor each exercise based upon speed, weight, and rep range to meet your goals. So whether it’s muscle building, body shaping, or strength and power, you can trust our team of trained professionals to deliver a program that meets each and every one of your goals. 

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