Faster Metabolism

Looking to Increase Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism is defined as the process of converting consumed calories into energy, or in even simpler terms, your body’s ability to burn calories. Many people don’t realize that your body is still burning calories even when you’re resting, a concept known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is the number of calories your body needs to perform essential life-sustaining functions such as breathing, circulation and cell production. Not everyone’s metabolic rate starts the same, there are several factors that help determine your BMR, such as weight, sex and age. For example, because males tend to have higher muscle mass than women, they’re more likely to sustain a higher metabolic rate. So why does this all matter? Knowing your metabolic rate can determine how many calories you should consume and what type of exercise should be implemented into your routine to achieve your fitness goals.

Does Exercise Increase Metabolism?

It’s not uncommon to assume you have a slow metabolism, particularly if you’re unhappy with your current body composition. It’s easy to blame a “low metabolic rate” as the reason you’re unable to lose weight. As we look for solutions to this frustration, many of us wonder, “does exercise increase metabolism?” Science tells us that more muscle mass equates to a faster metabolism. We are therefore able to conclude that exercise can indeed increase your metabolism. Furthermore, a faster metabolism does impact your body’s ability to burn fat at a quicker rate. 

In addition to more physical activity, the type of exercise you choose to participate in can help boost your metabolism, such as exercises that maximize the calories you burn post-workout. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as The Afterburn Effect, is the amount of oxygen needed to restore your body to its resting level of metabolic function. High-intensity, interval workouts produce the greatest afterburn and are the most significant factor in boosting your post-exercise metabolism.

How MOBO GYM Can Help

Now that we have established that the right type of exercise can increase your metabolism, how do you get started? The Mobo-Gym 90 Day Training Method is scientifically designed to improve your overall health and increase your metabolic rate. We loop HIIT into all 3 Training Phases, ensuring we get your metabolism revved up, increase your energy expenditure, burn more calories, and get you into EPOC. As a result, your metabolic rate will remain increased for hours after your workout.

At MOBO GYM, we break the 90 Day Training Method into three 30-day Phases



Activation / Volume / Conditioning





The First 30 Days

Phase 1

Phase one of the 90 Day Training Method is all about the initial examination and introduction of repetition workouts to help prepare your body for Phases two and three. This activation Phase allows us to observe your body’s physical state and create a plan to increase your metabolic rate.

Here’s how it works: First, we’ll kick off the program by conducting an initial Health Assessment and Body Scan. This initial phase is the preliminary cycle that consists of higher volume and repetition training at lower intensity levels. This process is vital for all fitness levels to prepare for the program’s endurance-building strength Phase. Phase one not only increases your physical and mental abilities but also has a positive effect on your conditioning, nervous system, connective tissue, bone strength, joint flexibility, and weight management.

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