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The MOBO Gym Story

The events of 2020 shifted so many components of our everyday lives, including the fitness industry. Not only were the health clubs themselves affected, but members were left with very few viable solutions to continue exercising in a social setting. Some individuals opted for the virtual at home workout space, and others took to the outdoors. Still, many people lost access to exercise equipment, personal trainers, customized solutions, and most importantly, that element of human connection that can be such an essential part of a fitness program.

As gyms and health clubs opened back up, many people were already accustomed to different lifestyles and employment changes, making going to the gym far less convenient than it was previously. In addition, some people simply weren’t ready to go back to large, overcrowded corporate gyms with today’s environment. 

Group training at home with Mobo Gym.

Being fitness professionals with decades of experience, the founders of MOBO GYM LLC knew the fitness industry would never be the same, and a solution was born! MOBO GYM is not just another mobile fitness trainer that shows up at your location with a few bands, balls, and kettlebells. Instead, MOBO GYM is a 90 Day Transformation program based on proven science that combines strength, cardio, and HIIT for maximum goal achievement. So how does this all work?

We Bring the Gym To You

Woman with in home personal trainer in Scottsdale.

Just as the name implies, MOBO GYM is a mobile gym that comes directly to you. The 24-foot box arrives at the location of your choice and becomes a fully functional gym equipped with barbells, dumbbells, cable stations, kettlebells, and more. To convert into an open-air gym with airflow and freedom of movement, the back of the truck lifts open, and the side of the box extends to become a platform. 

Just like any other gym, MOBO GYM contains two walls of mirrors to check your form. Our certified trainers will guide you and your group through an initial Fitness Assessment that includes measuring your body composition and determining your fitness goals. This test will give you a real-time look at where you are starting and the direction you’ll be going. We guarantee that this will be the most productive and fun workout you, your family, and friends will ever experience together!

An Upgrade to at Home Workouts

Woman with in home personal trainer in Scottsdale.

Small-Group Training

Our small group training program offers personalized workouts for you and up to 5 of your best friends or family members. These programs are led by a certified personal trainer and customized to your group’s wants and needs. 

Weight Training

Our weight training programs work for anyone and everyone looking to improve strength, create more lean muscle, and boost overall health. In this phase, you will be training with higher intensity to increase endurance and achieve these goals.

Group training at home with Mobo Gym.

Targeted Training

Interested in working to improve a specific area of your body? Our targeted training workouts are designed to transform individual body parts based on your short and long-term goals.

HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) alternates between intense exercises and short recovery periods, burning a high number of calories in a short period. Our trainers have a playbook of HIIT exercises to maximize the cardio portion of your workout.

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We follow the FITT methodology: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

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