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Faster Metabolism

Are you looking for a workout that will effectively kickstart your metabolism?

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We follow the FITT methodology: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

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Is there a particular part of your body that you would love to change?
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About MOBO Gym

The events of 2020 shifted so many components of our everyday lives. For many of us, our fitness routines suffered immensely, particularly those of us who thrive in group fitness environments. As fitness professionals with decades of experience, the founders of MOBO GYM, LLC recognized the fitness industry would never be the same and thus a fitness revolution was born. MOBO GYM is the mobile personal trainer that cuts the excuses and brings a leading-edge, scientifically proven fitness program right to your front door.

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For you and 5 of your friends & family members.

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Guided by a certified personal trainer.

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Focus on transforming individual body parts.

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High Intensity Interval Training to maximize the cardio portion of your workout.

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Faster Metabolism

Are you looking for a workout that will effectively kickstart your metabolism? If so, you’re not alone! As we age, many of us find ourselves working harder to reach our fitness and weight loss goals, to no avail. By taking a scientific approach to nutrition and fitness, you can in fact increase your metabolic rate, regardless of age or fitness level. The MOBO GYM 90 Day Training Method is scientifically designed to not only improve your overall health but to improve your metabolic rate. By looping HIIT into all 3 training phases, we get your metabolism revved up and increase your overall energy expenditure. In doing so, you will burn more calories during your workouts and continue to benefit from Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), meaning your metabolic rate will remain increased for hours after your workouts. Ready to feel the burn? Book your complimentary consultation today!

Get More Fit

Lifestyle changes can affect not only your metabolism but also the way you look and feel. MOBO GYM follows the FITT methodology: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. This approach is important for all levels of fitness. Your MOBO GYM coach will work you through components of your cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and flexibility in order to improve your overall level of fitness. Using the Styku Health Assessment System, we will complete periodic scans, throughout the 90 Day MOBO GYM Program, in order to track your biometric changes and help you drive better results. With MOBO GYM, not only will you look and feel your best, but you’ll have the metrics to prove it. Whether it’s a fitness goal you’ve been chasing for years or one you just haven’t had the confidence to take on, your mobile personal trainer is here to help you see it through. Book a consultation today!

I Want To Change

Is there a particular part of your body that you would love to change? If so, you’re not alone. In fact this is very common at every level of fitness. However, desiring change and actually seeing results are two very different things. The key to success is focusing your energy on the execution of a fitness plan scientifically designed to deliver your desired outcome. The Personalization Phase of the MOBO GYM Training Method will help you learn the scientific principle of the mind to muscle connection, giving you the tools to tone and condition the particular part(s) of the body you are most focused on improving. If you’re ready to take control and begin seeing results, we encourage you to book a personalized fitness assessment today!

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90 Day Transformation

So much more than another mobile personal trainer, MOBO GYM is a 90 Day Transformation Program that combines strength, cardio and HIIT, in the supportive group fitness environment we’ve all been craving. Brought directly to you, on a 24 foot truck, MOBO GYM is a fully equipped, open-air gym. Designed to deliver the type of total body workout that you would previously only expect from a traditional gym environment, MOBO GYM is redefining group fitness. 

Small Group Training

By offering personalized workouts, led by a certified personal trainer, for you and up to 5 of your best friends and family members, MOBO GYM is bringing communities together one workout at a time. Based upon science, and decades of experience, the MOBO GYM Program was created to help individuals of all ages realize their fitness goals. Book your consultation today and get ready to discover the most productive and fun workout you’ve ever experienced, alongside your favorite workout buddies. Let’s get started!